Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well since my last blog Lynlee is doing all kinds of new things. She now waves Bye-Bye, Gives High Fives, and will give you kisses when you ask (by far my favorite!)

Every day I think I love her a little bit more if that's even possible.

Yesterday she was playing in her bedroom floor when I turned around and she had pulled herself up to her toy box. I was so excited!!

Ammonia wise, Lynlee has been fantastic! Last Monday it was 24! So amazing :)

She now has 4 teeth. 3 on the bottom, and 1 on top.

And or course with all of this good news I have some bad... It's seems Lynlee's medi-port is having problems. For the past two weeks it hasn't been drawing back blood. Last week I had taken her to the cancer center to get it flushed, and when they started pushing the saline in she started screaming in pain. They stopped immediately and said they were uncomfortable doing anymore. I've learned that sometimes when the line has came out of the vein, or had a whole in it can burn. However, we are praying it's just a clot and the pressure of it was hurting.
We go to Pittsburgh tomorrow to do a dye study test. They say the test is really simple. They will just put dye in her port, and follow it to see where it goes.

So after tomorrow they will be doing one of two things: 1. Putting medicine in, to be unclot the port or 2. doing surgery to put in another port.

I'm hoping, praying that it's the first one.. I know no matter what the outcome is, we will be fine. Lynlee will be fine! God will get us over this bump in the road once again.

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  1. Praying for you tonight. I will go to sleep rooting for the clot! "clot! Clot! Clot!" Will be waiting to hear the results!