Friday, May 25, 2012

Update and Zoo pics

Today was super hot! I'm not complaining I love the heat! But it was the first time we turned the AC on and ran some fans. Lynlee loved playing in the air..

Its been a rough week to say the least.. Monday night when I blogged Lynlee was feeling better. Tuesday morning around 3am she spiked another fever and kept it on and off for the next 12-18 hours. I was actually starting to worry that it might be rejection this time. But around 10p she started feeling better and was eating spaghetti o's at 11pm that night!  When she woke up Wednesday she was much better but we had to leave to go back to Pittsburgh. Ryan had to work so my grandma and Kara went with me. I have to say I'm so lucky to always have people there willing to go with us!

The trip was so much better this time. We had blood work on Thursday morning and even made a quick trip to the zoo. The zoo was quickly filling up with school kids but we did get to see everything. The elephants and the aquarium were a close tie for the favorite.

Labs looked so much better. Not 100% and not what they were last week but better. We go for labs again next Thursday and I'm hoping/praying they are back to normal.

Well this is a short blog tonight. We have a very busy day coming up tomorrow. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I know we will!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

First casting lesson, trip to Pitt & more

The trip to Pittsburgh didn't turn out as planned to say the least. We left yesterday afternoon. Took our time stopped for lunch, did a little shopping, went out for dinner, and went to bed excited to get up, go for labs, and head to the zoo..

 Well Lynlee had a very restless night.  Around 6am this morning I was moving her in the bed and realized she felt warm. I took her temp and she was at 100.2. I knew she was sick. I went a head and took a quick shower, and got ready. I rechecked her temp again and it was 101.2. I knew it was time to call transplant. We only call on a temp after 101.0 So I called they said to give the Tylenol and bring her in for labs.. The only problem was I didn't have any Tylenol. Ryan went out to see if he could find some and I put a cold wash cloth on her head. When I got her up to go to the hospital the fever was gone by itself and she threw up over and over.

After getting labs and more vomiting we knew she had her first stomach virus.. UGH! I felt so sorry for her. And to make matters worse we had a 3 hour car ride ahead of us.

It still amazed me she went from this picture to be so sick in a matter of hours..

She's actually feeling 100% better tonight. She is eating now, back to playing, and bossing everyone around.. The only down side was her labs were crazy high. We are hoping it was from the virus, it happened last night, and her prograf came back crazy high too.. With all of them being out of range we get to go back to Pittsburgh Thursday morning for more labs..

I'm really thinking they will be better.. Wishful thinking maybe. We know if they aren't trending down a biopsy will be down to see if it is rejection..

So no fun pictures of the zoo this time, but we will be making just a fun trip with no needles soon!

I did learn to always have Tyenol too.. and a hair dryer :)

Saturday we did take some family time and went to do a little cookout and some fishing..

Lynlee carrying her fishing pole

Her first casting lesson

Lynlee and her Vava

Till next time. This mommas ready for bed!

Friday, May 18, 2012

update and mothers day project.

If things are too good to be true they probably are. I got a phone call from Pittsburgh today and they said that Lynlee's prograf level was so low in her body it was undetectable. The good news is it's not affecting her liver labs because they were so great, but the bad news is it's not a safe level. With levels this low this close out she could reject anytime. So they wanted a repeat of the level on Monday.. In Pittsburgh.. Davis Memorial doesn't have the machine to process the level here locally so they have to send it off. It takes until Thursday at least to get the level back. Pittsburgh doesn't want to wait this long. They want her meds upped and to see a level on Monday. So we are heading up there Sunday night and making a fun trip to the zoo probably Monday..

We've been lucky to stay away this long. and I'm super excited to make a trip to the zoo. Lynlee loved it last year and I can only imagine the fun we will have this time..

On another note. We finally got all our Mothers Day gifts gave out..

So here are the pictures of the making of the gifts and the final product!

I was never sure I had the patience to do a project like this. Man I've came a long way. HAHA. And Lynlee did amazing. We had a lot of fun! I'm excited for the next project..

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: New outfit

I had planned on my Wordless Wednesday post to be about our Mothers Day projects. But since we still have on mothers day gift sitting on our kitchen table I don't want to ruin the surprise..

So today I put a new outfit on Lynlee and it was so cute I just had to snap a few pictures. She looks so grown up!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 14, 2012

weekend recap

It's a nasty raining day/evening here so I thought I'd blog before we do bathtime, bedtime etc. Like most people I'm not a rain fan but I did manage to get the house cleaned today and the laundry is finally caught up. Lynlee had blood work done this morning. Her liver labs were fantastic... Really fantastic! I'm not sure I've ever seen them this low. We will know what her prograf level is on Thursday.

We had a crazy busy weekend and I think we are all still recovering from it. On Friday Lynlee and I did mothers day crafts (pictures to come another post) and Saturday we went to Valley Head for dinner and family time.  The weather was actually nice and Lynlee was feeling great. 

She loves Uncle Tylers Horses.

It was also Pipers 1st Birthday. He spent most of the day playing with his sister Emma and swimming.

Yesterday we headed to Morgantown with Ryan's parents to see Kevin and Janna.. (Bubba and Nana, if you ask Lynlee) We headed to the park. Lynlee LOVED it.. And I don't think she was the only one :)

We then had a great dinner and headed to Sweet Frogs for dessert.. Have you guys every been to one? Oh My! It was amazing! I strongly recommend it..

Well I'm off to a play date with Ryan and Lynlee!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Wednesday..

I know it's Wednesday and some of you expect pictures out of me. (Not mentioning any names Merredith, haha) but I'm slacking this week. I have a few I'll post but nothing really awesome. It's been kinda blah around her since Sunday.

Sunday we were heading to Valley Head to celebrate my mom and Tyler's birthday. I still can't believe my baby brother turned 21 yesterday, but anyways. On our way there Lynlee threw up in the back seat. We wasn't sure if she gagged herself from playing with Piper or stuck her fingers in too far or even got car sick even though it's never happened before. After we got to my grandmas we realized she was just not feeling good. She pulled on her ears the whole day, was just super fussy and wouldn't eat a thing. When we got back into town she I texted our pediatrician to see if you could have an ear infection with no fever. And then Lynlee told us her bottom hurt her. So our pediatrician met us at her office to look at her ears. They were prefect and we did a urine sample. All was clear on that too.. We aren't sure if it was just a 24 hour virus or just normal teething but she's back to normal now..

And really how Awesome is our pediatrician.. Coming in on a Sunday to check out Lynlee... And texting me all the time to check on her! Wow!! I wouldn't trade that care for the world.

I do feel a little silly getting her checked out but I know Lynlee isn't your normal baby. If it was an ear infection or UTI it does need to get treated right away. We all know those things can cause a fever and sometimes a fever can cause rejection. I slept better knowing her ears were okay that night.

But as of yesterday she was her normal self 110%..

Like you can't tell from the below picture.. I do feel sorry for the dog. I really do!

Speaking of Piper here's a nice little picture of him enjoying his ride to Valley Head..

And here's Lynlee checking out the river.

I go to give blood at 4:45 today. The Red Cross is at a local church. I can't tell you the amount of blood Lynlee has received in her short 2 1/2 years here. I know it's been a lot.. I feel like it's the least I can do to give back. I know the Red Cross is back again at the end of the month. You can go on there website by clicking here and finding their schedule and making an appt. It's the least you can do if you are able ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Whos Who... Picure style :)

Every now and then I mention certain people in my blog and will get the response. I didn't know you had a brother.. Or that's your sister really??? Or how is this person Lynlee's Aunt? So here's the family break down.....

I'm "techinally' an only child...... That's the funny part. But in my book I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Let me explain...

I'll go in a timeline order to not confuse you ;)

My dad was married before he married my mom and had Kristie. So I have a half sister Kristie who has a husband Jason and two kids Lexi and Brody.

Then of course my mom and dad got married and had me.

Dad got married to Sheryl. Sheryl has two sons Keith and Ross who are my step brothers. Keith is married to Heather. And Ross married to Kristy.

(Dad, Sheryl, Heather, Keith & Ross)

Mom got married to Randy and have two kids: Tyler and Kara. Who are my half brother & sister.

(This picture is SO old but I don't have time to look for individual ones)

Got all that??

If your keeping up that's awesome but I'll throw some more confusion at you.

We have my grandma.. (Seen in the photo at Tylers Graduation)

Ryan's Parents: Dottie & Dale

Ryan has one brother Kevin and his girlfriend Janna..

Plus there is "Aunt" Erica to Lynlee who is no relation at all but has been my only best friend forever and her boyfriend "Uncle" Adam.

So if you add all this up you have.. A whole lotta people that love one special little girl.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Tidbits...

I'm not sure why but the word Tidbit kinda amused me today. Bare with me. It's Friday morning and I've had way more coffee than I can handle. Its barely 9am and mother nature seems to be mad at the world, but that's okay she's allowed. . She's had me up since 7 so coffee and lots of coffee it was!

I can't seem to focus more than a couple minutes and have lots of things to do today. Well maybe not lots of important things but I can't really do any of them without heading out to a grocery store. Laundry is a must but I have no detergent. Baking a cake for a cake walk but I have no mix... you get my drift.

So I'm going to ramble I guess.. Lucky you. You can stop reading now, I won't be offended..

This week has flew by! Yesterday was a CRAZY day. We had a 9am speech therapy at the hospital. Any day that includes waking Lynlee up seems to be long. She does love her sleep! The 9am therapy was followed by a 2pm therapy in the home. And that was followed by a bunch of stuff to do (like go to Walmart so I can be productive today) but quickly got pushed to the back burner when a man shot a police officer within miles from my house and was out on the loose. Needless to say we were in lock down and decided to stay in all evening. He was caught before 9pm last night but the energy was definitely nervous around here.

Oh like I forget.. We did say goodbye to this item yesterday...

In case you don't know what that is it's Lynlee's backpack that contained her feeding pump. I've been holding onto but decided it was time to say Good-Bye. Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye... (I really do need to lay off the coffee) I don't think that we are ever going back there (never say never right!) but I can get the pump here within hours if I really needed it. We haven't even used it since February.. I thought about doing this huge blog about it being very sentimental but I don't have it in me. A simple good-bye is enough today..

Lynlee's blood work from Monday looked AMAZING. I haven't seen her liver numbers look that good since February. We do repeat in 2 weeks... I'll take that!

I had planned on putting pictures of my pedicure on here because well my toes are so freaking cute I can't stand it.. However when I uploaded them I had different feelings.. Cute toes but does anyone really want/need to see my feet??? My feelings exactly!

Okay well I'm off for a shower/breakfast/ all that jazz... I'll leave you with a picture that makes me smile.. Lynlee and her baby with matching night gowns :)

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday! Shopping with dad!

Yesterday while I was having a much needed girls day that involved three of my favorite things (pedicures, sangria's, and Heather) Ryan and Lynlee did a little shopping.. A helmet and a fishing pole! We tried out both last night!

I'm such a lucky girl to have these two!

Lynlee cheesin!

Learning to cast her pole!

Happy Wednesday!