Saturday, November 23, 2013

A little catching up.

I laugh because 98% of my pictures of Lynlee are taken in the exact same spot in our house. When I say let me get a picture she goes to that spot or she will go to that spot and ask for a picture to be taken. haha. 

That picture was taken a few weeks ago. On our way to get labs. Labs were great. We don't go back for a month. I'm in shock of that. A whole month! That seems a little too long to me but they assured me it was okay.

Ha! She kills me!
That was actually taken on Thursday before we left for Morgantown. Now that everything has settled down with the liver world I figured it was time to go see a dentist. Morgantown is the closest place that will work with her because of the fact she is transplanted etc. Its a mess but I really like them. They said her meds have done a real number on her teeth and she needs some work. We go back on Dec. 4th for a consultation about getting everything done at once. It will require sedation but one time should take care of everything.. Hopefully.
After we left the dentist we did stop and have some frozen yogurt and stopped by the mall. That's where these were taken....
I've laughed and laughed at the sleigh picture. It looks so real. It was really a park bench in between two cardboard pieces!
In reality we aren't very exciting these days (that's why the blog post are few and far between) these days. We are getting Christmas fever. I'm trying so hard to hold out until after Thanksgiving to put my tree up but it's getting harder and harder. I've already marked a few people off my shopping list. And Lynlee is watching Barneys Christmas while I type!!
The last picture of the day... Ryan and Lynlee making pumpkin muffins last week.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm sure 98% of you know that Lynlee's drain is out!! We went back to Pittsburgh on Wednesday for another procedure and they pulled it out. They said once they got inside and shot the dye there was no blockages so they didn't feel the drain was needed. They also said they thought the blockage was from the piece of plastic all along. I hope they are right.

So what do we do now? We have labs again this week for a follow up. IF they are low like last weeks we will probably go back to monthly labs and have our yearly check up in Pittsburgh next year. I like the sound of all of that.

Other than that things are pretty low key. Over the past week I drove over 600 miles so I'm excited for a three day weekend!  We did meet family today in Clarksburg and went to the mall afterwards.

I can't believe they have a Barney train! Lynlee was loving it. In fact, I think today was the first time she has ever rode something. Like we actually got to put money in she rode something.. Big day!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Unexpected procedure and how to help

It has been a long rough week. I'm actually happy that I have nothing to do all weekend. I feel tired mentally, physically and emotionally. After I blogged last week that we had good news coming our way things turned around some. We woke up Wednesday morning to bile everywhere. All over Lynlee, her clothes, her bed, her pillows, etc. I changed the bandage and within an hour it was leaking again. I called Pittsburgh because obviously something was wrong. They wanted to get her in on Wednesday but wasn't able to make that happen so we went back up on Thursday. Lynlee had to be put under once again and they had to put a new drain in. I guess she had pulled it out a little in her sleep. We arrived home something after 5pm on Thursday but Lynlee didn't want to go trick or treating. She helped hand out candy and watched some TV before bedtime.

We will go back up on Wednesday for the next procedure and go from there. I am always in disbelief of the love and support that everyone shows on Facebook when Lynlee is going through something. We are so lucky to have such an amazing support system.

I know I don't ask for much, usually just prayers but today I'm going to ask for a little more. As most of you know a family in our community has been through a horrific tragedy. There was a house fire on Monday morning. 7 people were entrapped. 5 of them didn't make with 4 of them being children. The mother and her brother are still fighting for their life. I've seen our community come together in the past few days in a way I didn't know was possible. And I know if your like me you just want to help.

So with all the post going around I thought I would help you out on all the ways you can.

  • Nov 4th @ 7pm -there will be a candle light vigil at Elkins Train Station with a basket being passed around for donation.
  • Nov 9th @ 6pm- Cake walk in Mill Creek at George Ward School
  • Nov 16th From 11am-7pm- Spaghetti Dinner at the First Baptist Church
  • Nov 30th @ 2pm - 31 Bingo at Beverly Fire Hall
You can also  make donations to the Chamberlain Family Memorial Fund, care of Citizens Bank. Donations may be dropped off in person (211 Third Street, Elkins, WV) or mailed to Citizens Bank at P.O. Box 1519, Elkins, WV, 26241. Donations will be used for funeral costs first, and any remaining funds will be disbursed to the family.

I hope you can make it to any/all of these events. No amount is too little or too small to donate. I know there will be more events coming and I'll keep you updated of those. And of course keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.