Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

If you would have asked me 4-5 years ago I would have told you kids were not an option. I've never been the mother type. And then something happened. I met Ryan. He changed my life! And for the good. I could make you a list of the ways that I'm a better person because of him.

When we had Lynlee I can't tell you we were 100% ready to have children. And then when she became sick I know we weren't ready for that, but who is? I really believe Ryan and I grew up, and grew up fast when Lynlee was born. Our love, and our bond became stronger. There isn't anyone else I could spend 7 weeks, 24/7 in a hospital with and not get tired of him. I couldn't have done it without him. And the hospital was our "safe" place.

It's the days,weeks, months that's gone on after we've been home that I've needed Ryan the most, and he's always been there! Ryan is not only the better half but the stronger half! He is my rock, and most importantly he is an amazing daddy!

We all know what a special littler girl Lynlee, but this post is about her being special another way. She has the best daddy in the world! There's isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear him tell her he loves her. He's the most patient and kind man in the world! And I'm the lucky one to get to witness this!

Happy Father's Day Ryan! Lynlee and I love you so very much!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Things Change

I think it's funny (not ha,ha funny), but the "other" kind of funny how kids change. How they go through different stages of things they like and dislike.

Last summer we went from swinging to this summer of not getting near a swing. Lynlee will shake her head "No" repeatedly when she sees a swing, and don't like she doesn't know what she is saying because she does! She will stick that lip out as far as it goes and tear up if you put her in it. And don't you dare take her toward a slide!

This weekend we went to visit Lynlee's Uncle Kevin and Aunt Janna (Ryan's brother and girlfriend) and Janna and I took Lynlee to the park. This is how she spent the majority of the time there.

(Yes, she was very content just throwing rocks)

And last summer we spent almost every weekend swimming in Aunt Kristie's pool. I'm afraid we will spend most of this summer just watching. She hates the pool this year. The water table is still winner, but don't try to put her feet in it. I'm hoping this stage passes soon because momma is hot!!

But we do have some exciting news. All last summer we spent wishing some hair would grow, and this summer.. Well it's finally here!! If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen well then just stop reading my blog! Ha HA. Just kidding, but it is the cutest thing I've EVER seen :)

To end on a positive note. Lynlee went for her blood work today. She had a 54 ammonia! Very respectable, and we are so pleased to be staying stable!

See ya all on Wednesday! I already have my pictures picked out!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Lynlee & Lexi :)

(Remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!)

Monday, June 6, 2011

So much for a relaxing Sunday

What we thought was going to be a very low key relaxing Sunday, was in every way different. Our child! I swear, at the age of 27 I should not have this many gray hairs on my head! I think she adds more weekly! Let me explain.

On Saturday Lynlee was going to stay at her Mommaw and Poppaws (Ryan's parents) while Ryan and I went to dinner and a movie and out with some friends! Dinner was amazing, the movie was hilarious, and even though I'm over the whole bar scene we did enjoy ourselves. We got home about 1:30am, which is the longest we've stayed out in a VERY long time.

Around 6am I got a phone call from Ryan's mom. Lynlee had fell out of bed and was acting like she was hurt. We rushed over and Lynlee was acting okay but she wouldn't look up. We decided to take her to the ER and have them look at her. When I say we I mean Ryan and I plus my call to my soon to be sister in law at 6:30am to see what she thought. She told me if I ever needed anything to call, but I'm expecting for her to change her number any day because I take her up on it all the time! Anyways, we get to the local ER they took Xrays. They weren't happy with what they saw so they wanted us to go to Ruby Memorial for a CAT scan. After some discussion they let us go by car.

We get to Ruby and they rushed us back in. They had listed Lynlee has a trauma patient so when we get to the room we had at least 20 people surround us, and I'm not even exaggerating when I say that. One doctor was doing an evaluation on Lynlee and she moved her head up, down, all around. They decided to downgrade her and when they said those words the room cleared as fast as they came! They done some more Xrays on Lynlee. Everything turned out okay and we were released within 20 minutes.

So other than a stiff/sore neck she is fine! It probably took more years off my life than anything.

*Note to self: Make hair appt for color this week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Days

I hope I'm not jinxing us when I say. I think summer is upon is. You will not hear me complaining about it. We (meaning Lynlee and I) take advantage of every pretty day we have. Lynlee loves it outside. I usually try to take care of any chores or errands of a morning so after her nap we can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening outside. Some days I give in like today for example. The other morning at 8am Lynlee brings me her shoes, and points outside. Since she was still in her pajamas I thought it might be just a little too early.

I think there is something about the sun that makes everyone happier. I know it does me. I'm in a much better mood and just more pleasant to be around. Lynlee seems to be the same way. We spend hours in the water table and just walking around the yard exploring.

It's been a while since I've given an update so here goes. In January we sat down with birth to three and made goals for the year. In regards to her physical therapy she has almost met every single goal we set. How awesome is that? On the flip side of that starting this month we have upped Lynlee's speech therapy to weekly. She is still signing (around 15 words) but hasn't replaced any signs with words yet. We just want to get a head of things if there is going to be a serious problem with speech.

There is never a dull moment in this house anymore. Most days I'm running around here cleaning up mess after mess. Chasing Lynlee because if she is quiet for more than 2 minutes you'd better go find her. So my blogs are few and far between. But no news is good news from us! I find it easier to write about the bad things, scary things, biggest worries..

We did have an amazing Memorial Day weekend! We spent Saturday in Valley Head for the big Valley Head Homecoming. In consist of all my favorite things. Pancakes, parades and dinners.. Yes, that was dinners! Sunday we spent the afternoon at Ryan's parents and put Lynlee in the baby pool. I'm sure you've seen the pictures from yesterday! Monday we took Lynlee to Kingwood to the Hovatter Zoo. It was nice. Lots of different animals, not a long drive, and Lynlee loved the Monkeys! Then we finished up with another cook out with friends. What a prefect kickoff to summer!

Speaking of summer, going to enjoy some sun :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011