Monday, November 29, 2010

....(this can be a title, right?)

Most days I take or at least I try to take the hand we were dealt pretty well.I know there isn't a line of moms saying they want our life or our worries, but I'm sure some moms that deal with more would want it or at least I tell myself this. I know even though life is hard some days that it's what God has planned.

Today is not a good day for me. In fact I'm pretty bitter with it all today. Lynlee has been more than her normal cranky. I can see her gums are swollen. She just seems needy today. She wants to be carried and held all day. This morning she got her 2nd flu shot which I'm sure doesn't help anything.

And her feeds have been terrible. She's vomited twice today from not wanting to sit still (or so I think?) At her 10am feed Lynlee didn't want to sit in her high chair and play and watch her movie. She wanted to roll around in the floor, which is what every 13 month old wants to do. But instead I have to make her sit still on the floor because all the moving, rolling will lead to either pulling out the tube or throwing up. I feel like I'm punishing Lynlee to make her eat and it's not fun.

Most days we try to make feed time, play time. We play in the floor with her so she doesn't feel like she is being punished. But this morning we were running out of time and I just needed her to sit there for 5 minutes so I could get ready for her appointment. I found myself getting angry with her, and then I got angry with myself. She didn't ask for this. She is a good child and makes the best out of crappy situation she was given. And how could I get angry at her for not wanting to sit her on her butt for an hour.

I'm up for suggestions to make feeding time more enjoyable. I'm anxiously waiting for the day she can walk. We can strap her backpack on her and she can go! But until that day I won't be getting a mother of the year award.


  1. Get a Super Mini backpack - some medical supply companies cover them, some don't. She's small enough you need the smallest available, and that is. She shouldn't have too much difficulty wearing it and even rolling around or going upside down or whatever her heart desires if you flush the air out as we do. Tether her extension tubing with tape and a diaper pin or a catheter anchor device (Flexi-Trak is what we use) to prevent accidental (or intentional) pull outs. This is about the age we started needing to do this. Much more freedom.

  2. Yeah the super-mini is a lifesaver. (Cor is wearing his now as I type!) Get her used to it NOW so that she won't be adverse to it later. It really frees her (and you!) up so that she can get busy being a kid.

    What do you do when she vomits her feeds? Is her meds mixed in? how does your team tell you to compensate for that loss? Ours told us that as long as he kept it "down" for 30-40 minutes it was probably absorbed but I don't know how they can know for sure, everyone's motility is different and I am convinced that Corrigan's stomach/intestines moves slower than normal but without a study we can't be certain.

    Corrigan rarely vomits but when he does, do I just assume he lost all of the volume and have to compensate for that liquid loss at the very least? Not to mention to med worry.

    Sorry that today has been a tough one. You're a pretty positive person I know you won't let that bad mood "stick" You have my number, my dishes are done, dinner is in our bellies and my evening is free if you want to talk!

    love ya!

  3. Amy- Thanks for the advice! I've never thought of that. We have the mini backpack, it's pretty small and red.. We use it for when we travel but I've never thought of putting it on her. HA! I did try it on her tonight and she hated it. She sat in the floor and screamed and pulled on it. So it will take some getting used to, but I figure we will wear it a little each day and see how it goes. Does Cassie vomit? Lynlee has always seemed to vomit! But anyways, tell me more about the tape and diaper pin. I'm kinda confused with all of that? Sorry!!

    Mindy- Our team doesn't ever seem to worried that Lynlee throws up. They've known she has done it for like EVER and they never say anything. I guess they think if she has a 20 then something is working? She doesn't vomit her whole feed, and it's usually right after so I know that the meds that she just got isn't absorbed? I'm going to ask them about more suggestions tomorrow when I call them. We still haven't heard our aminos for LAST Monday. Go figure!

    I know tomorrow will be a better day! I'm just glad I have friends like you guys that help me even on my worse!! Love ya girls!