Monday, June 13, 2011

Things Change

I think it's funny (not ha,ha funny), but the "other" kind of funny how kids change. How they go through different stages of things they like and dislike.

Last summer we went from swinging to this summer of not getting near a swing. Lynlee will shake her head "No" repeatedly when she sees a swing, and don't like she doesn't know what she is saying because she does! She will stick that lip out as far as it goes and tear up if you put her in it. And don't you dare take her toward a slide!

This weekend we went to visit Lynlee's Uncle Kevin and Aunt Janna (Ryan's brother and girlfriend) and Janna and I took Lynlee to the park. This is how she spent the majority of the time there.

(Yes, she was very content just throwing rocks)

And last summer we spent almost every weekend swimming in Aunt Kristie's pool. I'm afraid we will spend most of this summer just watching. She hates the pool this year. The water table is still winner, but don't try to put her feet in it. I'm hoping this stage passes soon because momma is hot!!

But we do have some exciting news. All last summer we spent wishing some hair would grow, and this summer.. Well it's finally here!! If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen well then just stop reading my blog! Ha HA. Just kidding, but it is the cutest thing I've EVER seen :)

To end on a positive note. Lynlee went for her blood work today. She had a 54 ammonia! Very respectable, and we are so pleased to be staying stable!

See ya all on Wednesday! I already have my pictures picked out!

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