Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Days

I hope I'm not jinxing us when I say. I think summer is upon is. You will not hear me complaining about it. We (meaning Lynlee and I) take advantage of every pretty day we have. Lynlee loves it outside. I usually try to take care of any chores or errands of a morning so after her nap we can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening outside. Some days I give in like today for example. The other morning at 8am Lynlee brings me her shoes, and points outside. Since she was still in her pajamas I thought it might be just a little too early.

I think there is something about the sun that makes everyone happier. I know it does me. I'm in a much better mood and just more pleasant to be around. Lynlee seems to be the same way. We spend hours in the water table and just walking around the yard exploring.

It's been a while since I've given an update so here goes. In January we sat down with birth to three and made goals for the year. In regards to her physical therapy she has almost met every single goal we set. How awesome is that? On the flip side of that starting this month we have upped Lynlee's speech therapy to weekly. She is still signing (around 15 words) but hasn't replaced any signs with words yet. We just want to get a head of things if there is going to be a serious problem with speech.

There is never a dull moment in this house anymore. Most days I'm running around here cleaning up mess after mess. Chasing Lynlee because if she is quiet for more than 2 minutes you'd better go find her. So my blogs are few and far between. But no news is good news from us! I find it easier to write about the bad things, scary things, biggest worries..

We did have an amazing Memorial Day weekend! We spent Saturday in Valley Head for the big Valley Head Homecoming. In consist of all my favorite things. Pancakes, parades and dinners.. Yes, that was dinners! Sunday we spent the afternoon at Ryan's parents and put Lynlee in the baby pool. I'm sure you've seen the pictures from yesterday! Monday we took Lynlee to Kingwood to the Hovatter Zoo. It was nice. Lots of different animals, not a long drive, and Lynlee loved the Monkeys! Then we finished up with another cook out with friends. What a prefect kickoff to summer!

Speaking of summer, going to enjoy some sun :)

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