Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terrible Two's

This is the week we are due to get an ammonia level. However, I didn't plan on going until tomorrow or even Thursday. This morning Lynlee got up and was acting different. Kinda cranky, pretty whiny and very very needy. After about 2 hours of this and 4 cups of coffee for me I was a little worried about her. I was getting a bowl of cereal when she wanted me to go in the living room. I told her to give me one minute. She got so mad. She threw herself down on the floor and cried until she vomited. All while I was pouring a bowl of cereal with milk. After that her eyes looked a little different to me and she just seemed really mellow. I haven't questioned Lynlee's stability in a long time! Today I was worried. Ryan was working on town so he came over and looked at her. He thought she looked fine but we headed to get an ammonia anyways. Peace of mind is healthy for all of us.

Her ammonia was 55! The good news is she is been soooo stable. The bad news: I'm pretty sure we have hit terrible two's. I'm going to have to pray daily for more strength and patience to get through all of this! .

While we were there Lynlee got a "bracelet" from her favorite nurse.. Those girls are so good to us and we are so blessed to have that!

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  1. okay first? Those photos are ADORABLE!!!! second? Oh man, welcome to my world. Together we shall calm each other down and perhaps email each other wine...because these toddler years are going to kill us. ha! Love you. Great post!