Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And the week begins.......

Yes, it's a big week in the Arbogast household. If I make it through the week without having a meltdown it will be a miracle.

                                          The princess relaxing in her new chair

It's no secret that since Lynlee had a cold a few weeks ago (more like a month ago now) and we put her in our bed it's been a struggle to get her back out. When we almost had her out we went on vacation and she spent the week again in our bed and it's made the transition back almost impossible. Ryan had the idea a few days ago that Lynlee's crib is just uncomfortable. So we went and bought an eggshell and cut it to fit. It did help some. On Sunday night at bedtime Lynlee came and got me. She asked to be put in her bed. When I put her in there she asked me to lay down with her. Of course I couldn't. Then she went and got Ryan and did the same thing. It broke my heart! We knew it was time for a big girl bed and also we had high hopes that instead of her wanting in our bed during the night we can just lay beside her and get her back to sleep.  The first night was huge success. I was secretly hoping she would want me to sleep with her all night, but she didn't. She woke up once and was back to sleep within minutes, and slept til 7:30am.

So not only is my baby turning 2 in two day she is also in a big girl bed.

Speaking of the big birthday, I don't know if I'm ever prepared for it. I don't know if it's a mom thing or if its just what we've been through but it's always emotional on me. The memories of those first few days/weeks are there. No matter how hard I fight it the thankfulness that she is still here just overwhelm me and birthdays are just so special to us. Because I know I could be morning the loss of a child instead of celebrating the life of the amazing child we do have. I'm not sure if this will ever get easier. She will probably be turning 23 and I'll still be blubbering about this.

Last year we had a huge party, but this year we are taking a different approach on it. We have 3 sets of grandparents so we decided it would be more special for each to have their own special party and their own time with her and the rest of the family. This sounds really sweet but it's also a lot easier on both Lynlee and me.  (ha ha)

So we will be back later on the week. Possibly with lots of tears, but also with lots of pictures :)

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