Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

                                 (She will never understand how true this statement is)

A short post about the things I'm most Thankful for this Thanksgiving.
  • My caring, thoughtful husband. I don't know how I'd make it without him by my side. I love him more than words can ever say.
  • My amazing, strong willed daughter. She makes me still believe in God's miracles! And keeps me on my toes :)
  • Our family(ies) for without them I don't know what would do. They've backed us 100% with every decision we've ever made and have made Ryan and I the people we are today.
  • Our friends that have been there for us through it all.
  • My sisters, either by blood or marriage, God knew I needed each of them in my life! There's no bond like a bond of sister! I love ya!
  • Last but not least my best friend Erica. She's been beside me on the best day of my life and by far the worst day. She was my partner in crime for many years! We are two peas in a pod!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We are off to not one but two wonderful dinners! Gobble til ya Wobble!

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