Sunday, February 19, 2012

I haven't blogged in what seems like a while. When I was so used to blogging everyday even just a few days feels like I've missed something. I've wanted to blog, like every single day since Friday but I just can't find them time. And when I do have a free second to myself I just want to relax or be on pinterest. HAHA. Sorry I've addicted!!

Today was day 3 of Lynlee NOT taking a nap. On Thursday she took a 2 hour nap and it was past 11:30pm before we got her down. This is not going to be a habit. So on Friday we were kinda busy, had some company and it was 5pm before we knew it. She wanted to nap, but I don't even think so at that hour. I'm not sure if she's grown out of it, or if she just sleeps in so late that she doesn't get tired until later in the day. But even waking up at 8:30 won't get her an early nap, so I'm kinda torn at what to do. Either way her up a lot earlier or just skip a nap and get her in bed at 8pm.

Of course we've had a little drama, more like bad luck following us. It's actually been a crazy week. The last time I blogged I was asking prayers for my dad. He's good. They had found a mass on his kidney in Janurary and made the decision to remove the whole Kidney on Monday. He was home on Wednesday and it doing great.

On Thursday Ryan was working on the addition when he shot a nail in his hand. Well really threw his hand. His nail gun jammed and he held it up to see. Ending up shooting a nail all the way through his palm coming out the other side. We went to the Express Care thinking they could just remove it. But they couldn't. Long story short he ended up going into surgery Thursday evening and getting it removed. He came home an hour or so afterwards but it was a long scary day. I'm praying no other members of our family go to the OR anytime soon!!

So Ryan is off for a few weeks. They had to cut his carpel tunnel release to get the nail out. He can't lift anything more than 1pound with his left hand. Until today he was on heavy pain meds so it looks like Lynlee and I will have some company around the house for a few more days.

She isn't complaining though.  Her daddy is the best thing ever to her! And I kinda like him too :) We are just thankful that the nail didn't break any bones or hit a nerve or artery. It could have been so much worse.

That's pretty much the low down. Everything is great with Lynlee. Pittsburgh called on Friday and said we didn't have to get labs until next week instead of this week! I'm beyond excited about this. She is growing up so much and just learning more than we ever though, but that's a whole new post for another day!!

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