Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: New Ride

At the birthday party we went to on Saturday there was a small battery operated 4 wheeler.. And the birthday boy himself got a new battery powered Jeep. For much of the party Lynlee didn't want anything to do with them.. However, by the time it was over she was on it riding around. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more. Her or Ryan... Who am I kidding. We all know it was Ryan...

So you guessed it.. Lynlee had to have one too.. Last night in the house she was more mad than anything that she kept running into the walls.. But outside she was having a blast! Miss Independent does not like for me to help her steer or do anything at all. It's going to be interesting!

Yes, that is the dog she's going at.. He's life is about to get harder!

This picture cracks me up!

Don't even ask what the gloves are for. She wears them all the time! haha

Stoping for a pose

Taking a ride to Aunt Kristies

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