Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week recap.

Well we finally have last week behind us. It was definitely some getting used to, but I think it went much better than expected. Ryan worked 50+ hours in his new job and loved every minute of it. I'm so glad. I think this change was a good thing for him!

And for Lynlee and I the week was good too. I was so afraid I would run out of patience by having three kids here. Well Lexi was only here on Thursday but everyday my patience level grew. I never once got frustrated with any kid.. I really enjoyed it! I really enjoy them! I somehow believe I was supposed to be a mom of many many kids, but baby sitting your nieces and nephews is almost as great.

But as I think of the week there were a few moments that stuck out above the rest.. A few moments that really make me smile...
  • Lexi asking me if I made my bed that morning because she's never seen a bed made so pretty!
  • Lynlee rubbing Brodys head and then bending down and kissing his cheek.
  • Seeing Brody eat & smile & coo.. Babies are so fun
  • Lexi asking me where I bought the chair in the living room corner.. She thinks it looks like it belongs in a hotel! Ha!
  • Lynlee asking today if she could wear a dress again today. We went to a wedding yesterday and she loved wearing her dress.

And here are a few pictures that made me smile..

(It's actually taken from a few weeks ago, but I love it)

This was taken at 9:15 one night.. No joke! Even the dog went to bed on me.

Brody asleep in the bean bag after a tea party with Lynlee

Ryan holding Brody for the first time. And Lynlee being a mother hen

Lynlee ready for the wedding.

I know my blogging is few and far between these days. We don't really have much going on this week. We will have labs this week (probably Tuesday morning) and tomorrow we have Lynlee's IEP meeting for IF we decide to send her to school this fall. Just for the record we aren't leaning toward school but maybe for speech? That's a whole other blog I'll save for another day.

So have a great week.. We are planning on one!

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