Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yesterdays Procedure

I feel like it's rare that I get to blog about good news. However after yesterdays procedure I can see I feel like we are getting very close. I had prepared myself for months of going to Pittsburgh every other week so that if we stopped before Christmas I would be thrilled..

So yesterday after the procedure we met with the doctor and he said he was able to balloon the bile duct with a 4mm balloon. He also found a piece of plastic in the liver (from the transplant that didn't get washed out in the bile) that he said MIGHT have caused the blockage. He was able to remove it. We are scheduled for another procedure next Wednesday. They won't know until they get in there but they will either be removing the drain or ballooning one more time and then removing the drain. So if all goes well two more trips to Pittsburgh tops.
Two thumbs up after the procedure

I'm so thankful and blessed it is working out like this. The trips are rough on all of us. Lynlee goes through so much and I'm still so exhausted today. Her labs are perfect right now so we know that everything is doing what it's supposed too.

Just playing a little golf waiting to get discharged.....

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