Monday, June 16, 2014

Pittsburgh Update

Lynlee had her annual checkup with transplant last Monday and we also saw an allergist while we were there. It was a good trip. Lynlee was excited to spend the night in a hotel and was mad when we came home. So it went exactly how we thought it would :)

They said that her liver was happy. Things were really as good as it gets. Her liver numbers are beautiful, we are on a low dose of meds, and there is noting to wean off. So this is it and I'll take it.
They also said it was time to schedule her abdominal muscle closure surgery. When she got the transplant they were able to close her skin of course but not her muscles. They like to do it within the first 1-2 years post transplant but with last summers complications we got our pushed back. Its not a huge complicated surgery but it's very painful and still a surgery none the less. I am dreading it. The told us we could be in the hospital for one week and at Pittsburgh another week for a check up.  We will be going up in a couple weeks to get it done and over with so she has a fresh start with school this year. I keep telling myself this is the last and final chapter of it, so lets just do it...

We also saw the allergist while we were there. They tested Lynlee for peanuts and she came back positive. We are hoping in a few years we can introduce it back to her. They said it was very odd she doesn't have a reaction every single time so there is hope it may get better... We will see..

I think that pretty much wraps it up.

I have so many pictures on my phone I want to share, but that will wait for another day.....

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  1. I will be thinking of you guys as you embark on this final journey to have the muscles closed and will be praying for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery for Lynlee. She has been such a trooper and a strong child thus far so I have no doubt she will zip through this as well. Be safe on your trip and take care of that pretty little girl.