Thursday, April 29, 2010

Making some progress.

The next week was a week of first all over again.

Monday they came in and done another EEG on Lynlee. All seizure activity was gone, and was there due to high ammonia. They took the EEG leads of her head, and she cried! I cried, but I loved it! I loved hearing her cry the whole time. The guy kept apologizing for making her cry, but it was the best thing I'd ever heard.

They started her on her feeds again. Of course, it was still a waiting game. We had to make sure she accepted the food, that her levels would stay low. They kept the neck catheter in just to make sure.

We gave her her first bath that week! She was a week old and I hadn't ever wiped her off, we had missed so much, but we had our baby. I could live with that.

The week had come and gone. We had many visitors, and life was looking up again. Daily they were decreasing her Fenebar(her seizure medicine) upping her feeds, and lowing her oxygen. We were going in the right direction!!

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