Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two steps up, one giant step back!.

Wow, we've been here a week, and came so far. Lynlee came off her oxygen today. She was up to her full feeds, and we can even start bottle feeding. I'd been asking for days when the catheter can come out of her neck. They keep saying just leave it in one more day.

It was Halloween, our nurse was amazing that day. She put Lynlee in an outfit, and even got her out for me to hold. I was holding Lynlee and she got super cold, started turning blue. The nurse quickly took her from me, and went to get help. Everything happened so fast. They next thing I know Ryan and I are standing in the corner of the room and they have a bag over Lynlees face breathing for her. I barely remember being rushed out to the waiting room.

Later, which felt like hours but probably just a few minutes they came to get us. Lynlee was back on the ventilator, an EKG shown that the neck catheter had migrated and poked a whole in her heart. She was going to be rushed into emergency heart surgery. I stood over her bed looking at her wondering how did we get back here? How was that tube back in her throat. She had been so strong how can she keep fighting? I remember standing by her bed praying and praying. One of the nurses holding me up because I had just lost it.

I sat in the waiting room with my mom and family while the rest of our families again made another unexpected trip to Pittsburgh. Surgery went fine, and said she would have no further complications.. My baby girl was so strong.

I had to hold my head up, even though we just started over. We had to start back to square one. Weaning off the ventilator which wasn't as easy this time. She was actually on it for 6 days this time. We had to start back at starting the feeds again, and now she was addicted to morphine. So this was going to be a long process, but at least we had our baby girl, and we can get through this!

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  1. Stacy! Stop making me cry...Love reading your blog! Give Lynlee a big hug for me :) Miss you guys.