Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where it all began...

It was a Monday. October 19th 2009. I got up at went in to work. Was I really going to have to work another week? One ultra sound said Lynlee was supposed to enter this world on the 16th while the other said the 19th. I know my daughter would be stubborn, how could she not be? She would come join us when she was good and ready.

I actually remember the day like it was yesterday. I went into work, actually waddled into work was more like it. I done everything I needed to do and straighted everything up just in case today was the day. At 4pm I finally went home. Kristie, my loving sister, insisted we go out for Mexican because she just knew it would make me go into labor. So after work we headed to the Mexican restaurant. We had a nice meal, I even remember what I had, how weird is that. Mexico City!! Anyways, we came home and Lexi (my niece) was over looking at the babies room. It was time for her to go home so she sat down beside me and whispered into my belly "Lynlee you can come out now!" We all laughed about it and I sent her home.

Around 10pm I went to the bathroom and felt something? Did my water just break? Hmm, I always thought it would be more like a gush, but okay I'll take it. I went in and told Ryan so we called the doctor. She told me to come in and they would check things out. So I changed clothes, we called the family and was on our way. The whole thing was really calm, way to calm. Around 15 miles out I was just chatting away and OH. MY. GOSH my water just broke. LIKE REALLY BROKE.. All over the car.. GREAT!!! So there was my huge gush of water, and no one tells you but it's not one gush it's like 50, over and over and over.. Or at least mine was..

We get to the hospital around 10:30 or 11. I was dilated to 3 1/2. Walk they said do lots of walking. So I walked and walked and walked. I was wishing I had chosen a bigger hospital at this point because the same 3 hallways were getting old.

10/20/2009.. 2am- my legs started shaking uncontrollably so the doctor was like well I guess we better check you. They said I was dilated to 8. Yay, but I was off to walking again. No pain at all. No contractions, nothing. ( I know I'm one of those that most people hate!)

3am- I was finally dilated to 10. You can push if you need to. I didn't ever feel that I needed to they just told me to push after my legs started shaking, still no contractions, no nothing. But I pushed and pushed and pushed.

4:28am- I finally met my beautiful baby girl. She was amazing. 7lbs, 21inches. AMAZING!! Welcome to the world Lynlee Rhea Arbogast

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