Friday, May 21, 2010

25 Things I've learned in the past 7 months

1. Love at First Sight Does Exist!

2. Doctor's don't know everything! God's plan is greater than any doctors knowledge.

3. There really is no place like home.

4. You don't know how strong you are until you have to be.

5. Family and a few close friends are all you really need in life.

6. Babies are amazing and can handle more than you think.

7. You truly are meant to be if you can be with someone 24/7 for 7 weeks and still glad to go home with them! ( I Love you Ryan!)

8. I can honestly live in sweat pants and no make up. (Can you believe that?)

9. Designer Shoes and Purses don't matter anymore, but they still are NICE!!

10. Babies are Funny!!! I know most of you think that one's crazy, but I never thought Lynlee would make me laugh SOO much!

11. Everyone thinks that their child is the smartest, cutest baby ever! But seriously, have you seen my child?? She so is!! Ha ha.

12. Poop is the 2nd highest topic of conversation in our house. The 1st highest? See #11.

13. If you don't take the whole seal off of a baby food container it will catch on fire in the microwave! This is in writing NO WHERE on the package!

14. Babies make people do the funniest things! I've seen strangers, grown men, dance in grocery stores. I think it's due to #11.. (hehehe)

15. Patience! I know have so much of it!

16. Things hurt me more than they do Lynlee and usually longer!

17. Tags are great! Sometimes better than the toy its self!

18. Sleep is precious.

19. Staying home on a Friday Night and being in bed by 10pm = Heaven

20. Nothing good ever comes from the Hiccups!!

21. The Itsy Bitsy Spider makes everything better (except the hiccups)

22. No matter how much pink she has on people still say "He". Are you kidding Me??

23. Some of the best toys are toys we didn't purchase. Fringes from a blanket, measuring cups, and whisk. Who would have thought??

24. Every day is a new experience for me and Lynlee.

And the last thing I've learned....

Even when the life you think you will have turns upside down, it's still worth living for!


  1. Regarding #22 - I was constantly dressed in pink AND had pierced ears and people still thought I was a boy. Lynlee is in good company!

  2. I have to agree with your # 1. I loved Lynlee the first time I saw her as well. Who wouldn't...and I am always amazed by her strength..and yours. I love "Lynlee day"..which is what I call it when I see her on the schedule.. =) see you soon~Sandra