Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Blog

I'm one of those people that Google EVERYTHING! So when Lynlee started having trouble (or so we thought) adjusting from breastmilk to formula I was googling every angle of it. Was she really have a hard time adjusting? Was it something with her G-Tube, etc?? So one page lead to another page and so on and then I found it. The blog, the blog that was honestly changed my life!

I honestly don't know what I was expecting Lynlee to look like when she was 2 or 3. Like I've said before we've never been gaurnteed anything with her. All of her development has always been "well just have to wait and see what she does." and honestly that stinks! In the back of your mind you know there is a chance (50%) that she has brain damage and is going to be less than "normal." So when I stumbled on this blog and found Corrigan I cried.. There he was a normal 2 year old. He didn't look like he had Citrullinemia he looked normal!

I started reading this blog, and reading, and reading. I can't even tell you the hope that this woman brought to me. Not only had she been throught what we've been throught but she is an amazing writer. Someone that inspires me and 70% of the reason I'm blogging now! I finally got up the nerve to send her a comment, and the next day she had emailed me. It was the start of a wonderful friendship. When Lynlee's ammonia goes up she is one of the first people I want to let know for two reasons. 1. We have the same faith in God, and 2, she knows what I'm going through and gives me words to get through. I'll never forget the last time. I was in the ER when I read her post, and she said. Stacy, you CAN do this again.. and she was right. We done it again, even though at the time I wasn't sure if I could go through it one more time!

Mindy, Thank you for the every thing your brought to me! The faith, the hope, the friendship!! As bad as this sucks I'm so glad I have you to go through it with!

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  1. Oh Stacy, I have not been home very long this evening, they released us a day early(yay!) but I finally got to sit down and catch up on my blog list.

    This post stunned me...yeah, and made me cry.

    I am so glad that God brought us together and that we became fast friends. I am so proud of how bravely you have handled everything. You are one "with it" Mama and that is what Lynlee needs.

    There is nothing you cannot handle and it is my absolute HONOR to be your friend through all of the ups and downs.

    You CAN do this, for have proven you can do it gracefully and admirably!

    Much love to you, Stacy...thank you for such kind words. I am going to print them out and keep them in my family journal for when I am having a "low" day!