Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally up to date!

The blog is finally up to date! As I sat here tonight I realize how far we've came. From the day we came home where we watched Lynlee sleep all night to watching her eat and drink. I learn something new from her everyday. She is not only strong willed, stubborn, and has one heck of a temper, but she is the most precious, beautiful and loving daughter I could ask for.

We are still going to Weston once a week for blood work, and this past week was 8 weeks with low ammonia (YAY Lynlee!)Two months ago I didn't think it was possible to go 8 weeks! We are still getting weighed weekly and they adjust her medicine accordindly. Our daily schedule is pretty much the same. She eats her cereal and fruit for breakfast and then of an evening has her veggies. She is doing so well, so much better than I had ever expected. She is taking her sippy now with no gagging, and actually wants to drink from it!

Last Friday our development therapist came to work with Lynlee. She said we were delayed with Lynlee on her tummy. She wasn't pushing herself up as much as she should be, and she wasn't bringing her toes up enough while she was on her back. She gave me a list of things to work with for the week. Yesterday she was back because after that we are upping her to twice a month so she doesn't get even further behind. And she was so pleased with Lynlee's progress. I couldn't help but smile! Yes, we have a ways to go, but Lynlee is doing so much better. It's a challenge, but hey I'm ready for it and have lots of time on my hands.

So if I have to work on tummy time all day, and her chewing on her toes I can do that! If I would need to take to Weston twice a week I would, or get her weighed daily I would. She has fought hard to be here and I will do everything to make her life nothing short of amazing! We will take our delays and hold our head up, and work on them!

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  1. amen girl...there is nothing we wouldnt do for these blessings...stand on your head? Yep, you would do it for your girl!

    Great work on writing your story up to the present date! You will be so happy to have had it all here to read in the coming years!

    Eat those toes Lynlee!