Thursday, May 6, 2010

No cake needed!

A week before my birthday Ryan started asking what I wanted. Just to be home I told him. I don't care what we do or what we have I just want to be at home with Lynlee on my birthday. Well two days before April 8th we woke up and Lynlee's cold had gotten much worse. She was wheezing, and it scared me to death! I know how to handle high ammonia's and what to expect but I have no idea what to do with normal baby stuff. I've freaked out over a toe nail, eyes watering, etc. I know our pediatrician thinks I'm crazy and she is right most of the time!

So I took Lynlee to the doctor. They tried giving her a breathing treatment, and said it didn't work that she would probably need steroid breathing treatments and we would have to go to Pittsburgh so they could monitor her ammonia through it all. Then they told me the bad news. They wanted me to go in ambulance! Seriously? Was it that bad, they thought yes, so I didn't argue (for once!) and we headed to the hospital! Ryan met us there and after an hour or so we headed to Pittsburgh in the back of an ambulance. Let me just say I prefer flying! Who knew how bumpy that thing really was? I'm not sure how much an EMT gets paid, but I'm willing to bet it's NOT enough!

After only getting lost once we pull in. Lynlee's ammonia came back at 29 and they gave her a breathing treatment and sent us to a room. It came back that she had a respiratory infection. They kept us two nights total and monitored her ammonia which was fine the whole time!

We were released at 6am ( I told you they were awesome like that!) on my birthday so I did get my wish after all! Not that I've ever been big on birthday's. I mean they are great and in my drinking days there was nothing better but now they are just another day. I'm so getting older! Last year I was complaining because I was half of 50 and pregnant, but this year I was just happy to be home with my family.

It's amazing how much growing up you do when you have a baby. I assume I would have grew up if Lynlee hadn't went through all this, but I don't know if I would have truly appreciated the small things, and the bigger things like I do know!

Thank you Lynlee for making me realize what we have and for making my birthday amazing!

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