Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Check Up

Lynlee had her scheduled appointment at Children's Yesterday. In general, I was not looking forward to it. If felt like we had just got home from there, and our first appointment wasn't even until 2pm.

We got there early to get her blood work done then headed to her G-Tube appointment. She does need a bigger G-Tube since she has grown so much. They didn't have them in stock so they are just mailing it to me this week. This will be my first time switching it out at home. I've done it once in the hospital.

Our second appointment in the day was Genetics. Lynlee's ammonia was 35 yesterday. I was so pleased with that!! They are extremely happy with Lynlee, her levels, and her development. They should be calling probably tomorrow with any formula change they might make. The doctor also said he would see us in 3 months.. My exact words were, Umm NO!! He then laughed and said how about 2? That will work since we went almost 7 weeks this time. I know the longer apart the appointment are the more in control they think she is, but I'm still so afraid she will get a growth spurt or something. We are going to do every other week ammonia's, and continue to do weekly weights.

We are heading to the beach next week for Lynlee's first vacation. I've been on line and found the closest hospitals and know where to go if something would happen. I also called the hospital to make sure they can check ammonia, etc.

So if nothing exciting happens this week I'll blog when we get back from the beach and post lots of pictures :)

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