Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lynlee's Ride

Lynlee's Ride for a Cure for Cycle!

We ride for Lynlee! Why? Because she is amazing. She is strong, smart, and beautiful! She is a fighter!

In the 11 short months Lynlee has been here with us she has went through 4 surgery's. That is 4 too many to us. She has been inhabited 6 times in the past 11 months. 4 of those times were for the surgery.

We ride for a cure because we have faith there will be a cure!

We ride for your future children. A UCD child is born everyday! The next one could be yours!

We ride for AWARENESS!! The best hospital (or some say) in our state didn't know what was wrong with Lynlee!

We are asking you to ride with us! Not to be pushy, but we would ride for you and your children!

If anyone has $10 extra dollars, $5 extra or just a few dollars it would be appreciated.

Join our team!! Help us find a cure!

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