Saturday, December 18, 2010

The not normal things...

Considering EVERYTHING we've been through you would think I would do well with most scares. Well let me just tell you I don't. I do handle the blood work okay, the vomiting, the G-tube. All of that is normal to me. I actually saw a little girls belly the other day and for a second I wondered where her G-tube was. It's not normal for me not to see them. I remember the first time Lynlee had a heat rash. I actually asked the pediatrician about it. I totally freak out at the little stuff.

Well yesterday I thought would be a "normal" day for us. We (Ryan and I) were taking Lynlee for her ammonia level. She had vomited her 10am feed which kinda made me nervous because she hasn't thrown up for so long. Ryan knew she was fine so I tried not to worry too much. We get there, get the blood drew, and the level comes back at a 58. I was actually pleased with this. Two weeks ago it was 68. Now usually at a 58 I would get a sick feeling. Not that our team or anyone else really worries but I want a 30!! And I LOVE being in the 20's. Since Lynlee is cutting molars and about every other tooth in her body I try to play it off as that.

So we stop for lunch and come home to a normal evening. Lot's of playing with Lynlee, lots of family time, etc. Around 8:30 I got Lynlee ready for the bath tub. Actually her mommaw was here so she undressed her and I ran the water. I noticed Lynlee grunting in the tub, but didn't pay much attention. After her bath we were getting ready for bed when I looked down at her old diaper and it was full of blood. Of course I freaked out. I yelled out for Ryan, he came in. We made a few phone calls deciding where to take Lynlee. We decided on the local ER. So we headed there.

Thank Goodness the place was dead. We got right in, and they done some test. It turned out that Lynlee had a Urinary Tract Infection. We were home around 11:30 with an exhausted baby and some antibiotics.

She seems to be feeling better today. I know a heat rash is nothing to compare to a UTI, but the unknown is still scary for me!

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