Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So much to say today!

It must be the cold weather because I feel like being chatty. So here goes:

When I started this blog months ago I wasn't sure that anyone would read it. And I was shocked to find that I had followers. I thought that I would blog just about Lynlee, and even though most of them have her in them sometimes I blog about life. I think I'll start blogging more about life in general because I find myself not blogging enough or I tend to leave stuff out since it's not about Lynlee.

I read a lot of blogs. Most of them inspire me, some entertain me, and I'll even say that some, well I'll say some humor me? I won't go into great detail about any of them, but I want to make people aware that in my blog I never want people to take it as medical advice. If I say something about the way Lynlee gets her medicine or something we are doing with eating, or whatever, I want everyone to talk to their "team" or whoever! We've only been dealing with this disorder for almost 14 months, and we have SO much to learn! And I never want to be a know it all or have any mother feel downgraded by something I "say". If I do, I want you to speak up.. Send me an email or a message or something. If I write something that you feel is wrong please let me know. I want to learn too!!

So with that being said let's get to the fun stuff.. The stuff about Lynlee :)

She is all over the place these days. All she wants to do is walk! She is still pretty unstable on her own (we are working with this in our therapies) but until she gets a little stronger we use our fingers. It was breaking my back so we got the walker out. And she LOVED it. It gives her that freedom that she needs. And now she can walk when my back needs a break. Warning: Wear shoes at all times and yes, they need to have backs in them. Slippers with backs are now on my Christmas list and it would be nice if they were steel toe!

She has also learned to set up on her own. And it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. While she's on her belly she puts her legs out to the slid in a split position and then walks hers top part up.. And the best part. Even though she has been doing this for two weeks, she still claps every single time she gets up. I LOVE IT!

Her eating has really taken off lately. Her new love. KFC Mashed Potatoes and Gravy! With 2gram of protein in the whole bowl it's a winner! She has ate a whole cheese puff (that was an exciting day!) and yesterday we tried our Sugar Cookies that we made. And when I say we, I mean I made them while Lynlee ran over my toes. Fun times!! But she liked them.. Take a look

(if you click on the picture it makes it bigger)

The day before that we gave her a candy cane. She sucked on it for a minute, passed it back to me (our new game, which she claps every time she hands something back) I gave it back to her, she took a few more licks, then she made a couple laps around the kitchen in her walker and kept stopping by to see me with her mouth open wanting another lick. Man, I love her!!

After months, and months of shaking her head no, she can finally shake her head yes. We've also been working on sign language because her language skills are a little behind. She signed please for me last evening. I was thrilled! We know she will talk, but we just want to make sure she is doing something to communicate with us. She says hi often, and occasionally says "da". UH OH came last week but it's a rare occasion. I'm secretly still praying for mom. :)

Well I think all of that sums us up for now.

Sending happy and WARM wishes to everyone!

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