Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hello 2011!! I can say that we are more than happy for a New Year! So bring it on!

Our last 6 months has been fantastic, but we had a really ruff start to 2010. Until I sat down and thought about it's crazy the things we've been through in a year. We had 3 ammonia rises and 2 surgeries in 2010. Those were all hard. But this is a New Year. And using the word's of my friend Mindy, "This is Lynlee's year!"

I'm not one to make resolutions! I mean I could, and probably need to, but I won't call them resolutions. I feel if there is something I want to do I will do it when I want to. I Need to lose about 20 pounds, but I have to do it for me not for some silly resolution. I should stop worrying about how clean my house is and play with Lynlee a little more. I've gotten better at this, but I still have room to work on that. And the one thing I need most of all. To have more "me" time. Will this one happen? Hmm, probably not, but hey I have next year.. :)

I wish for each of you a Happy, Heathly (especially my UCD family), and Weathly New Year! Don't take each day for granted (I know we won't) Don't stress about your resolutions, and Slow Down and Enjoy Life.

To a New Year!!!

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