Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Waiting and worrying

Ive wrote this before, and you've read this before. This blog is so much of a repeat that it makes me sad. Lynlees levels are still crazy. Still so much higher than our "normal." After two blood draws yesterday, we got a 79. I hate a 79. And I'll even state the obvious, it's either going to go up, down, or stay in the 70's. I hate this waiting, worrying, over analyzing every thing she does.. Of course, I pray that it goes down. I'm not even selfish at this point, I'll even take it staying the same until our next appt (the 18th) in Pittsburgh.

I've been in contact with our team. I think I worry enough for all of us. They didn't seem to be alarmed by this? I was secretly hoping they would say we want to see Lynlee tomorrow in the office or even next week? But no, they we said the 18th is fine, and let us know if something changes... So I'll wait....

Lynlee has been more than fussy today.. Is it ammonia? I don't know, but I've been watching her like crazy. Other than that she seems just fine. It could be those nasty molars poking through the skin. The poor kid has cut two teeth in December and her molar is sooo close. I'm sure it makes her fussy..

So I'll wait. And I'll watch her too close. And I'll over analyze every single thing because that's what I do. Because I'm her mom!

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  1. This is the hardest part, isn't it?

    Don't worry about repeating anything either. This blog documents your experience and, sadly, this is going to happen a good bit. Might as well talk about it!