Friday, March 11, 2011

"I Love You"

I don't know much sign language. Just what I pick up from Lynlee's therapist when they stop in. One of them wrote down a website for me that has all of the signs and can teach me how to sign properly. I go to it time to time when I think of one that I really want Lynlee to pick up.

Today I was walking through the house and thought I need to double check myself on "I LOVE YOU." I wanted to teach Lynlee how to say it. Then I stopped. I don't need to teach Lynlee how to say I love you, when she shows me everyday. Every morning when I go get her out of her bed and she is soo happy to see me. She loves me! When she hugs me for no reason, or comes all the way across the room just to give me a kiss, she is telling me she loves me. Every single night when she won't go to sleep without kissing me and Ryan, she is telling us she loves us.

Yes, we need to tell those of us we love that we do love them. But more importantly we need to show them because even those times we forget to say it, they always know it from the way we show them.

I will teach Lynlee to sign I Love you, eventually.

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