Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update 7/2/11

Warning: I haven't blogged in so long. I have so much to say, a scrambled mind, and a yard sale going on. This blog might not make sense, but who am I kidding? I don't always make sense.

Last weekend we went to the lake! I love the lake! There is something so calm and relaxing about being on the water. Lynlee loved it there also. She never wanted to nap, too much excitement and had loads of attention all weekend long. What more could she ask for? And after being terrified of the water for months we made major strides!

When we came home on Sunday we got our newest addition to the family. Meet Piper! One of my friends made a comment I was brave. I'm not sure brave is the word I would use. Maybe insane or even ignorant at times but not brave! Ha ha. But after having him almost a week things are much better. I'd say hes 80% potty trained and listening very well! Lynlee is doing pretty good with him. There are times when shes a little too ruff and he cries, but the cutest thing is when he cries she does too so I don't even have to yell at her :)

This week has been nothing but crazy! Getting ready for a yard sale is hard work. Let alone getting ready for one with a new puppy, a toddler and a scheduled trip to Pittsburgh. We (me, my mom and Lynlee) went to Pittsburgh on Thursday. We had our G-tube appointment. It had been almost a year since our last one and she went up 5 sizes! Yes, that was long over due, but we weren't having any trouble with the current one so I kept putting it off. Our genetics appointment was pretty normal and they said all the things I expected them to say. We've been very stable for the past 6 weeks. Lynlee's ammonia was 59 on Thursday. She's been staying in the 50's. Thank the good Lord! They also said they were floored with the results of the liver evaluation, and didn't necessarily agree with it. In the long run they still feel a transplant is the right thing for Lynlee and they will be fighting for it in August at our next appointment with the transplant clinic.

Last but not least, Lynlee experienced her first fireworks show last night! Even though she was more interested in the kids in front of us with their sparklers she watched some of the show. I'm always more excited about that stuff than she really is.

I hope everyone has a Happy 4th! Enjoy your holiday weekend!!

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