Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's our anniversary?

It seems like everyone has an anniversary for ammonia. Everyone knows how long it's been since their child has been sick and I think everyone celebrates those days as they pass them.

Don't get me wrong I do know how long it's been since Lynlee was sick, but I don't really have a date. March 10, 2010 was the last time Lynle was life flighted from Weston to Pittsburgh with an ammonia of 233. July 19, 2010 we were able to drive to Pitt with an ammonia of 101. We were kept 2 nights for observation and Lynlee was ran with D10 never the ammonul to bring the ammonia down.

I would say we've past our year of being sick, but I'm not sure if that is true. I can't really celebrate something like that when January we had an ammonia of 91. Even two weeks ago we had an ammonia of 81 and then two days later it was 53.

I don't like getting comfortable because when it's a little high it's harder to deal with. We had went 6 weeks in the 50's and when the ammonia came back 80 I had a hard time. I stressed out. Part of me wants to believe that the transplant team turned us down for a reason, and I still want to believe that. A part of me still feels like they made a mistake that we can't live life bouncing from 80s to 50's.

Time will tell. Until then we will celebrate each day and hope for a good day tomorrow.

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