Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

The doll house from yesterday's picture might be my favorite toy that Lynlee has! We bought it at Tanger Outlets last Friday and have already spent hours playing with it. It melts a little piece of my heart to walk in and see Ryan and Lynlee playing with it.

I do post the same pictures on here as facebook. Well most of them are the same. Why? Because some of the people that read the blog do not have facebook.

Ryan and I went to CJ Maggies for our Anniversary dinner. Does anyone else get really full when they stand up there? No matter how much or little I eat there I have to stand up to get full. Maybe I'm just weird?

Lynlee has been saying Momma!!! Not really to me, but just saying it. I get all excited and say "Lynlee, did you just say momma?" Every single times she looks at me and says Dada? But at least she is saying it!

I'm having my first "party" tonight. I've never had any kind of entertaining party at my house, so I've very excited about this. One reason is I've never found anything I've really wanted and another is I hate asking people to buy stuff. But I do love the 31 products and I don't really care if anyone does buy anything I'm just happy to have people over!

And finally the Pittsburgh updated: The Liver Doctor called me on Tuesday morning and said that they are kinda on hold about Lynlee. They want to get more info on Citrullinemia patients. Meaning they are calling all the other doctors and see if there is a pattern in the patients that went really high in birth that can be harder to control when they are older? Does that make sense? Here is an example. When Lynlee was born her ammonia went to 1200 in just 3 days, however some kids never go above 400 or so. So does that mean since Lynlees went so high she will be harder to keep stable? That's what they are checking into. If the studies show that it is true they might want to list her now, but if they don't I'm sure they won't. She has been very stable so why put her through a surgery she might not need or might do more harm? I know it's very confusing, and a lot of what ifs. They will be calling me when they talk to all the doctors again.

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