Friday, September 2, 2011

It's not Wednesday and not Wordless :)

Well this post was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but we haven't had Internet service then. Ryan figured out last night that it was our router so as he was looking at what we needed to go purchase he saw that Miss Fingers just pushed a button! Ha ha. You would think we would check these things?

So instead of Wordless Wednesday you'll get chatty Friday with lots of pictures.

On Wednesday we took Lynlee to the park. It was so nice and then last day of August. Sigh. I'm so not ready for winter. She has grown up so much in the past 3 weeks. The last time we were there she cried going down the slide and really just wanted to walk around. This time was a whole new adventure. She took turns pulling me and Ryan up the slide with her. We would sit her down and she would scoot to the edge of the slide and then push off. At the bottom she would get off an wait for us to go down. She would grab our hand,help us off and take off to do it again! It seriously almost brought a tear to my eye (okay! maybe it did!) My baby is growing up so fast!

I forgot the camera but here are the pictures from the cell phone. I do realize that Ryan's iPhone takes better pictures than my Blackberry? Oh well!


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