Thursday, September 22, 2011

My bad days aren't really that bad!

I had planned on blogging today.

Actually all morning long I planned on what I was going to complain write about it. Sure it's been a pretty challenging week here. Lynlee has been sick with a cold/ allergies. I'm not sure what is what? If you have suggestion on this please leave a comment.. And we've had g-tube issues.. Losing water, pulling it out, etc.. We've also had all our therapies in this week because we are going on vacation next week so it’s been a busy week here.

I was going to elaborate on all of those. Go into so much detail because I've been down and tired this week. I didn't even do Wordless Wednesday.

I was getting Lynlee ready for her nap. We turned off Barney and there was the radio on the channel. And it was the song Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry. They said the line "My bad days aren't really that bad" or something like that…... And my perspective changed. I actually felt guilty for feeling sorry for myself all morning.

Here we are getting ready to go on vacation to Gatlinburg TN. There are so many people that would love to take any vacation right now and we are lucky enough to get to go. Lynlee has been so stable lately and the talk of a transplant is far away right now. We have a house, vehicles, loving friends and family. We might not be rich but we are surviving. So that song is so right. My bad days aren't really that bad.

Earlier this week I asked for prayers for Mahiya. She had Citrullinemia and was very unstable. She had been sick very often over the past couple months. She had been waiting on the prefect liver. It came and she done well for a while. Well something happened (I don't know all the details) and she went into cardiac arrest. She is still critical and they are taking it day by day. Just writing this has tears pouring down my face. I can't imagine what her family, her mother is going through. So I'm asking each of you that read this to pray! To pray for Mahiya that she stays strong and continues to fight. To pray for her momma!! And to pray for a cure for our babies so that no other family goes through this..

I'm sorry I'm all over the place with emotions with this blog. I think I definitely need a nap and some lunch..

Prayers & Love to all!


  1. Great post! Puts things into perspective. We are very blessed, in all circumstances, and your post reminds me to be more thankful. I hope that you guys have a great vacation! Have you scouted out Children's hospitals along your route for Lynlee just in case?


  2. Prayers for everyone. Enjoy your vacation. Love to all xoxoxo.