Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday! I couldn't decide on what to name this blog. I love the fact that she is such a big girl sitting at the island all by herself and the fact that she can pick her own iPad games now. We spend a lot of time doing both these days... She is always wanting to sit on the stool while I'm in the kitchen. She loves standing on a chair and "helping" me do whatever especially if it involves the hand mixer! And the iPad. She will sit and play her games, listen to music, do whatever for a good 30 minutes now. It's definitely nice to have a breather!

Yesterday we went for an ammonia. 68. Not awesome, but not terrible either. Two weeks ago it was 42, and two weeks before that 102. So go figure.  I know 68 isn't "safe" for her brain. Just another reminder of why we are doing what we are doing by transplanting her.

Speaking of transplant. I'm ready. Well as ready as I can be. I'm mentally ready, I think? I still haven't packed. I'm not sure how you pack for a  2 month stay? And if it really matters what I take anyways?? I've prepared myself to be gone that long this time. I've also prepared myself that we are missing our HOME, our beds, our dog, and possibly the Holidays. 

Lynlee gets moved up to a 1B on Monday the 21st. We could get the call any day after that. So we have to be ready.

Til next time... So much for a Wordless Wednesday :)

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