Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As soon as Lynlee woke up this morning I kinda thought her prograf level was high or something was wrong. She looked good, but just acted pretty whiny and irritable. And yes it was. They say it's completely normal and will take time for it to get adjusted. The only side effect I really hate is that she's so shaky. I feel sorry for her.

Other than that today was a great day. Her swelling is almost gone. They've got rid of a few more meds and another IV came out this afternoon. Her ultra sound looked good today and her liver function test are down in the 200-300. Normal is below 70 but we started in the 3000 post op so things are looking great.

We were more than picture happy today..

Thank Goodness Lynlee can watch Barney over and over again!!

Sweats and glasses....The only clothes I wear, and I don't even feel guilty about them here.. (FYI, I do shower tho incase your planning a trip to visit!)

Pappy brought us some shaved ice from the Rita Stand. Oh I wish I had got a picture for you guys. We got Mango and it was delish.

We must have been brave because then we ordered Chinese from across the street. Our first non cafeteria food since we came. It was okay. I've had sooo much better and probably worse too..

We got our first package in the mail today.. Thanks so much Megan, Scotty, and Kinley! We love it!!

Lynlee got her oxygen off again!! Her breathing seems much better since the swelling is down.

And I saved the most exciting news for last... I said yesterday that Lynlee was drinking water.. Well she has went from loving it to be obsessed with it, ha ha.. All day long we give water.. Tomorrow will be hard because they are preparing her to have food by Friday or Saturday so will have to lay off the water so her belly can get adjusted. Now it all pretty much runs out anyway because her gtube is being vented 24/7.

Some how we got a sippy cup. Not sure from what floor but it was a huge hit today. I will never be able to explain what seeing this means. In 2 years Lynlee has never taken more than 2 sips of anything at a time and now this.

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