Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's never a good thing when you wake up at 2:10am and you hear your nurse say "Oh Shit!" I jumped out of bed ran over and Lynlee had pulled her G-Tube out. I popped it back in for them (if I don't then it's this huge process, that we don't want to deal with.) Then  I was told her temp was 101.5. Now I'm the one thinking Oh Shit!

The new few hours were kinda busy. I did doze on and off while Ryan stayed up with Lynlee. They gave her some Tylenol. Started her on an antibiotic and pulled out the line in her neck. They are pretty sure it was infected. The bandage on it was changed 3 times yesterday! They sent out cultures of everything including her drain tubes and we will have results in about 24 hours.

It's 10:30am now. Both Lynlee and Daddy have got some sleep. Both seem to be doing better :)  Lynlee's temp is completely normal. We did get another IV put in because we are going to need some blood today.

We are hoping that is all the excitement of the day. Keep ya posted!

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