Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas cards and etc.....

You never know how bad you want to blog until you can't. I mean I could blog on the iPad but I can't upload pictures on it, and its really just a pain in the butt so I prefer not to. It's been a long frustrating weekend. On Friday when Ryan went to get his truck worked on we found out that his whole front end was coming out. Then within the hour, Lynlee knocked a container of milk into our laptop, and my blackberry started acting up. Yes, Friday was Awesome for us!

I'm so thankful for a new week. The truck is fixed, we have a new laptop and a my blackberry died so I got a new phone for Christmas. That's a whole lot of newness to get used too. So I was excited to actually sit down and blog today. I don't do much typing otherwise.

So far, I'm lovin it. (I sound like a McDonald's commercial!)

Last Thursday we decided to work on our Christmas cards. I knew what I wanted to do thanks to Pinterest. But getting Lynlee to cooperate was a whole other story.

I thought that was going to be our Christmas card for the longest time!! Where is my child that cheesed it up every time I said smile?? Oh that's right she turned 2!!! UGH...

But after lots of cropping I got this picture. It looked awesome on the card! I was so pleased.

Okay I have lots to do to catch up. Til next time

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