Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lynlee's turn to decorate!

After a whole day of chasing Lynlee down from taking the bulbs off our tree and running down the hall with them, Ryan finally pointed out what she was doing. She's trying to decorate her tree! Oh wow, I obviously need more coffee of a morning!  So today after we had an amazing lunch with my MIL we headed to the Dollar Store. We picked just a couple non breakable ornaments and some balls to put on so no hooks had to be involved!

While we were there we found a package of door stickers. We might be going back tomorrow and getting more! She loved them soooo much!

Doesn't this picture just make your heart melt??

 The finished product

After decorating the door and watching it snow some we went to decorate Lynlee's tree. She cracks me up! Her personality is just amazing to me! She told Ryan were to put every ornament!

It must look better because she hasn't stole a bulb since :)

Okay off to watch it snow more! Have a wonderful evening everyone! 

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