Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

We are officially decorated for Christmas. Due to construction we've decided to not do the outside lights, but the inside is ready to go. Everything is out, but a few very breakable things I've decided was best to leave in the box until next year or maybe even the following year!

Lynlee was a huge help from start to finish (or when we decided she was finished and needed to go to bed). Which was actually after we got the final lights on her tree. 

My favorite part of the evening was actually when Ryan was putting the lights up on the tree. We had already put up Lynlee's pink pre-lit tree in her room (pictures to come in another blog) when she grabbed a set of lights and headed down the hall to put on her tree! Too cute! Those are the memories I never want to forget!

(What a big necklace mom! )

The first Christmas that Ryan and I were living together we bought an ornament. Since Lynlee was born we buy her an ornament every year. We picked up the 3rd Christmas for her this past weekend! Hers makes me smile!  

Our first ornament together

And these are Lynlee's

And the final product.............

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