Friday, December 30, 2011

We were awaken at 3:30am this morning to Lynlee crying. I was laying in bed with her and saw her food was stuck in the bed rail. We ended up getting the nurses, lotioning her foot up and finally getting her foot out. The nurses said this was a 1st to them. Leave to Lynlee. Other than that, we all slept thru the night. It was the best nights sleep that any of us has got since we've been moved to the floor. I think Lynlee is finally getting used to being here.
Her pain meds went from every 4 hours to "as needed" today. I struggle so much with as needed. I never want her to be in pain but I never want her to be drugged up either. She went 6 hours the first time and then 8 hours and we gave it to her before she went to bed.

She's had a very active day today. She walked down the hall and back.. I was holding her hand the whole way but not because she wanted me too.. She hadn't walked since last Friday so I was very nervous. I expected her to take a few steps not take off running and that's exactly what she did.

We also gave her some milk today. She drank a couple ounces out of a cup and then we had some pudding for dinner. She had around bites and gagged. It was probably my fault. I was sooo excited she was eating that I kept shoveling it in her instead of pacing her! We will get there..

We were told today that our tentative date to get released from the hospital and sent to the Ronald McDonald house is next Friday. I know it's just tentative so I'm trying not to get excited.

We did have a wonderful visit today with Aunt Kristie, Uncle Jason, and Lexi.. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and support system.. My mom (Nana) and everyone is coming tomorrow. I can't wait to see them!!

I've tried for the past 30 minutes to add photos but nothing seems to be cooperating with me tonight. So we are heading to bed. Maybe next one will have pics :)

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  1. Hi. I'm an old liver momma. My daughter had her transplant 17yrs ago. Reading your blog brings back all the memories. I love the I would have chose you poem. This experience has made my life better even though it is very difficult at times. The good outweighs the difficult. My daughter has had a normal life. She started her Freshman year in college this past September. She has a 1/2 moon scar too & wears a bikini to show it off. Warning: boys like scars :) l will keep reading & praying for you & your family.