Saturday, December 31, 2011

I seriously almost went to bed without blogging. I'm tired and it's been a long day. I could careless that it's New Years. Am I ready for a New Year? Yes! I'm ready to have a year free of Citrullinemia. Free of ammonia checks. I want a happy and healthy New Year. But doesn't everyone?

Like I said, it's been a long day. Lynlee spiked a fever is before 10am this morning and had a small rash. By this evening the rash is spreading and has had the fever on and off. They gave her some Benadryl and it's helping and brought the fever down. They are pretty sure it's an allergic reaction but we aren't sure to what. Her antibiotics were changed today and added a feed. So it's process of elimination now.

The good news. Her liver is doing awesome, everything is were it's supposed to be. And after we get rid of the line infection we should be good. We will be on antibiotics for 14 days so that goes our chance of being released next weekend. I'm glad I didn't get my hopes up.

Lynlee is getting stronger every day. She almost walked around the whole unit today. She is sitting up so much better. And ate some ice cream today.

Well we aren't ringing in the new year. We are getting as much sleep as you can in a hospital!

Happy New Year everyone!

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