Sunday, January 15, 2012

 What do you do when you think about your best friend? Smile right? Yep, that's what I do too. And today she came to see us. And sometimes (like almost always) that makes the world of difference. No matter how much family you have with you (and I'm thankful for each and everyone one of them and wouldn't want it any other way) but sometimes you just need your best friend. The person that knows you better than anyone. The person that you've been through it all with. I've had lots of friends come and go. Lots of friends seem to vanish after you don't talk to them for a week or two, but me and Erica pick up right where we left off.

After being best friends for over 10 years she is one of the people I coudn't live without in life. She is family to me. We've literally done it all together. From went to church, went out way to many nights together, took care of each other after those nights, after broken hearts, etc. She stood beside me on my wedding day. She was there hours after I had Lynlee. She went to Ruby with us when they life flighted her, she was beside me in Pittsburgh when Lynlee was fighting for her life. She is Aunt Erica, and Aunt Erica is the best of the best to me!

So other than that moment I just had I don't have much. Today was another great day. Lynlee's up and playing, and moving, and being ornery self. I do hate the fact that she gets TPN for 16 hours a day right now. We get hooked up at 8pm and stay hooked up at noon. Then at noon they give her meds for the EBV so she's on them for another hour because they aren't compatible with the TPN. Of course they aren't. But I'm getting to be a pro at driving the push car and an IV pole at the same time!

Ryan's parents left around 1pm today, the same time that Erica and Adam came in. We hung out, got frozen ice, watched the hockey game and some football. I have to say all my teams our losing. Every single pick in the playoffs are out. So with that streak I think I'll start cheering for the Patriots :) HAHA

Ryan and Lynlee and I did have our first sit down dinner at the Ronald McDonald house this evening thanks to Dottie and Dale bringing up the booster seat. I kept thinking that if Lynlee had some structure to eat she might do better. She's used to all of us sitting down at a dinner table and eating. So we tried it tonight. And she did sooo much better. She had some spaghetti O's. Probably the best tasting baby food she's ever had. She also drank some water and ate a bite of left over cake. I was pleased. I think she just needs some taste, nothing bland. On our of trips to target we bought baby food. I have to admit it was bittersweet buying baby food for our 2 year old. It made me sad, but that feeling was over came with joys of hope and excitment that she will eat. And I truly believe she will!

Well until tomorrow. Enjoy your holiday off. I know we will enjoy one more day of empty caferteria and empfy elevators! Watch out Tuesday.

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