Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We were so close to getting discharged today.. And I mean so close I could taste it. All morning long everyone kept saying we were leaving and Ryan and I would reply that we will believe it when we see it. We didn't get ahead of our self this time. We didn't take anything over, we didn't even put our bedding away like last time.

The doctor came in and said we could go. We would plan to see him Thursday in clinic.

Then the coordinator came in. They couldn't get our TPN training today. They want a home health nurse to come to the hospital and teach us and then for us to have training when it goes up in the Ronald McDonald that evening. I guess TPN requires some mixing, priming in the lines, using the pumps etc. And they feel like we need at least two trainings to do it. They didn't care that I told them I thought I'd go take my RN boards next week just because I think I'm more than qualified these days. (HAHA! just kidding!!)

So here we are another night, but it could be worse. I'm just thankful that she is here because of those issues and not because she's sick. Her EBV came tonight and was cut down in half. YAY..

We did get to go to Ronald McDonald for 7 hours today. It was so nice. We ate lunch and dinner as a family. Lynlee had a few bites of each, but it's better than what she was doing last week or even last month.

                                                           (Lynlee and dad reading a book!)

Lynlee got a package in the mail today.. A Barney doll that sings. Thanks so much Reva!!

And despite the fact we are still here Lynlee is full of thumbs up. One of her favorite nurses Michelle taught her this and she does it all the time now. Here's two days of thumbs....

Maybe I'll be blogging tomorrow with excellent news. Just maybe..

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