Monday, January 2, 2012

It's been a huge emotional roller coaster all day. We were woke in the middle of the night AGAIN. Lynlee had spiked another high fever. Her heartbeat was high, and her blood pressure was low. They were afraid she was septic. They were thinking about sending us to PICU. They monitored her closely for the few hours we had left in the night.

The fellow was in early. They gave her a couple bolus of saline to help with the dehydration that the fever had probably caused. Lynlee looked bad, She looked sick, very sick, and tired. We had an ECHO to check her port on the heart. We had a ultra sound also to make sure the infection hasn't hurt anything with the liver. Everything came back great!

She slept most of the afternoon.. And she literally woke up a whole new person. She hasn't looked this good in days. She hasn't had a fever since 4pm and her rash is almost gone today. I'm hoping the new antibiotics are starting to kick in.

We are still getting the port removed tomorrow. It's the source of the infection and it isn't clearing yet. Her blood stream is clear so they will be able to put a PICC line in.

This afternoon I posted on FB what was going on and asked for prayers. I put Lynlee's prayer shaw on her that the church have gave us. I truly give this all the credit with help with the medicine.

I'm feeling much more calm and relaxed too. Thank you for those that also prayed for Ryan and I.

I'm expecting tomorrow to be another long day with the port coming out, but she has been known to surprise us before. I'll keep everyone posted!

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  1. I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow that the port removal and PICC line placement go well. And that once the port is out-the fevers and rashes stop. Give Lynlee a kiss from me!