Sunday, January 1, 2012

I feel like I've been saying it's a long day for a few days now. But today was another long day following a  very short night.

Lynlee spiked another fever last night and her rash was back around 1am. With the fellow being in and  her drains leaking on her bed we were up until 4am. Ryan switched me places so I slept on the bed in our room and he slept with Lynlee for the remaining 4 hours.

Her fever was on and off most of the day and her rash seemed to be better. This evening she really seemed like she was feeling better.

Her port stopped working today so we had to change out the needle and all of that stuff which consisted of Lynlee being held down and screaming a lot. She had a chest X-ray too. I hate the fact that as soon as a nurse walks into the room she screams. I was hoping it wouldn't be like this.

Right now other than the infection things are good, great even! She's eating some, drinking lots of water, and regaining her strength. The doctor was in today. If her infection isn't better by Tuesday the port will come out. Depending on if the infection has spread to her blood stream will decide what the next step is. If it is in the blood stream we will have to wait to get a Picc line in. If it's not they will put the Picc line when the port comes out.

We will know more tomorrow. They are watching the blood cultures now to see if it grows. We will know the result of that tomorrow.

I'm mentally torn on what I want the outcome to be. I know that the port is a huge infection risk and we will have to access it lots in the following months so the Picc line might be better. However, I hate to see her go through something else when she's been through so much already.

So I'm asking for prayers tonight. One for us all to get some rest and regain our strength. And two for the fevers and the rash to go away, and third for the right decision be made about the port/Picc.  I know that God has taken care of us this long and that to some people it's not that bad. It's just frustrating.

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