Monday, April 30, 2012

April: Bullet style

I've known all day that I wanted to blog. Some days I blog mearly because I feel like I have to but some days I just want to. It's the last day of April and I thought I wanted to do a little recap of the month.

I looked back at my April blogs and this is what I've learned..

  • We've went from tube feeding some to tube feeding NONE! We only use the tube for hydrating and meds not eating!
  • Yogurt is still Lynlee's favorite food and she has ate at least 1 container a day for 30 days. Some days up to 3!
  • We've seen lots of cows this month!
  • We've done lots of painting and the house has came such a long way. It's almost where I want it!
  • We've celebrated 3 major birthdays and a baby.
  • Our monthly blood work has turned into 4 times in the month of April and only one of those was a finger stick.
  • And last but not least this is the last day of  Organ Donation Awareness Month. I had one person tell me that they became an organ donor because of Lynlee (THANKS MARY) I would love to know that more than one person was affected by this. If you don't want to tell the whole world send me a message or an email.  I'd love to know :)    if you not, you can register by clicking here and clicking register now.  

I'm hoping the April Showers bring May flowers .... That we have less blood draws this month... That we have even greater accomplishments. That we never take one day for granted. That we Thank the Good Lord for his many blessings... And that I don't bore you too much :)

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