Sunday, April 29, 2012

Come back soon weekend!

 What a great weekend we've had. I'm actually very sad to know it's almost over. Yesterday was a very busy day. We had the bridal shower and then went to my families house followed by a cake walk. We ended up very "lucky" to say the least. We won a guessing game at the shower and came home with dish towels, pot holders, and hand soap. Then at the cake walk between the 3 of us we won a total of 6 items.  We gave most of them away. I have half of a loaf of bread of half of a cake in my kitchen. That is way to much sugar for this household.

Today was an amazing day. Lots and lots of family time. I feel with all the household projects we have going on we barely take time to just enjoy each other. With 70 degree temps it was a prefect day.

I know you see a this pose a lot. But it's my favorite! I love these two more than life itself!

(under the bleachers)

(Like we ever wondered where all the attitude came from?!)

Looking back over the weekend. I think we spent it with the people that really matter most in our life. I saw everyone from my Best Friend, to my sisters, to our family... What else do you really need?

Tomorrow is back to the real world though. We have full labs again. So much for my wishful thinking of a finger stick. Lynlee's prograf (rejection) meds came back high so we are tweaking them. Not a big deal but with her EBV still being elevated we need it lower.

Wishing everyone a happy week!!!

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