Sunday, April 1, 2012


Somehow somewhere in the past few weeks Lynlee has found a love for cows. I'm personally blaming Aunt Heather! HaHa. She talks about cows all the time. She wants to see them every time we get in the car. Cows, cows cows..... So on Saturday we took Lynlee to find some cows.. And oh we found them. We actually were there right before they were feeding or milking shortly after being there they moved the cows off the hill and in the barn right in front of us. She was beyond excited...

Now where are those cows?

(Her cow face!!) (There they are!)

There they are!!

We printed this picture and she carrys it everywhere!

More cows and more cow face!!

Ryan and I laughed that if you would have told us 3 years ago the most exciting thing about our Saturday in a few years would be looking for cows and finding them we might have died laughing..
It was by far the best Saturday we've had in a long time!

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