Friday, May 18, 2012

update and mothers day project.

If things are too good to be true they probably are. I got a phone call from Pittsburgh today and they said that Lynlee's prograf level was so low in her body it was undetectable. The good news is it's not affecting her liver labs because they were so great, but the bad news is it's not a safe level. With levels this low this close out she could reject anytime. So they wanted a repeat of the level on Monday.. In Pittsburgh.. Davis Memorial doesn't have the machine to process the level here locally so they have to send it off. It takes until Thursday at least to get the level back. Pittsburgh doesn't want to wait this long. They want her meds upped and to see a level on Monday. So we are heading up there Sunday night and making a fun trip to the zoo probably Monday..

We've been lucky to stay away this long. and I'm super excited to make a trip to the zoo. Lynlee loved it last year and I can only imagine the fun we will have this time..

On another note. We finally got all our Mothers Day gifts gave out..

So here are the pictures of the making of the gifts and the final product!

I was never sure I had the patience to do a project like this. Man I've came a long way. HAHA. And Lynlee did amazing. We had a lot of fun! I'm excited for the next project..

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